Taking a Break

My initial goal in setting up this blog was to discuss religious ideas among different groups. Behind the scenes, I talked with leaders and regular practitioners of many faiths and religions, looking find a few willing participants for the discussion. While most were very willing to share their opinions and also to learn from others, or at least hear them out, another group of people held firm to the belief that there was no purpose to in dialog. 'This is how it is, and everyone else is wrong!' is how they would state it. As easy as it would be to simply include the willing participants and exclude those who have no room for the thoughts and ideas of others, a noticeable gap would be present and an explanation would be necessary. This blog serves to voice the expression of religious ideas of all those on the earth, but will not voice ideas of submission to only one idea. Deciding that perhaps the fault lay in my inexperience as a religious diplomat, I wrote about the 'Unity of Awareness' in various aspects, the nectar of what we seek in whatever path we find ourselves. While I study the religions of the world, I focus on the East, primarily on those of Asia. Recently I have focused solely on India and my posts will reflect this. I wish to bring to Western eyes many aspects of a world they may know little about and in this environment, compare ideas and learn from the past. We seem very confused about our present and future.
With various posts in the works, I have decided to take a short break from the blog and collect my thoughts and change direction. I had hopes of having one blogger from each religion posting on this blog, but now I will step aside for a month, perhaps two, and when I return, I will continue down the path that the blog seems to have taken on its own. I will speak of the Unity of Awareness in all religions and worldviews, whether Sufi or Hopi. We can explore the inner worlds, past and present, and learn how to live in the uncertain future. Reality is created through and understanding of ourselves. Each religion/worldview defines 'self' is a very distinct way. Even though the paths may waver, most ask many of the same things from the seeker. When we fight over the differences, we fall off of the path, and wallow in the mud. See you soon.




At 12:42 AM, Blogger Stephen A. Fuqua said...

Your intentions are wonderful -- and needed. The interfaith blogging community is still small and needs to grow. Are you connected with any existing networks, like the United Religions Initiative (URI.org) or the Council for a Worlds Parliament of Religions?

I run three different blogs that you might be interested in: www.interfaithnews.net covering international interfaith news,
www.uri-na.org for the URI in North America, and www.safnet.com/writing, my personal blog often discussing the Baha'i Faith.

Stop by and say hello sometime! And I've only just discovered your site, and I look forward to looking back through your archives.

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Srila Prabhupada Saves! said...

Great site!

I also have a blog which is very new. Im a Krishna Bhakta and would love for you to look at my site and comment on articles. Hare Krishna!


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