Making of the Mahatma

The 1982 film Gandhi told the lifetime story of Mohandas Gandhi, spending only a short period in South Africa where Gandhi changed from lawyer to spiritual activist. Though he spent 21 years there, the film gave only a glimpse of how this land changed him.
In 'Making of the Mahatma', based on the biography of Gandhi's time in South Africa by Fatima Meer, we get the chance to see Gandhi confronted by the cruelties of colonialism and the brutality that man can muster based on ignorance. Mohandas is given a copy of the Qu'ran, attends a church, gives lectures on the Gita, and begins to formulate a spiritual worldview that embraces the beliefs of others. Satyagraha, a term coined by Gandhi, is a far better discovery than decoding the human genome or uncovering the mysteries of blackbody radiation, but the West likes to have its treasures in test tubes, not in little white robes and a walking stick. Though the film is not of the greatest quality, the message comes through, and that is all that really matters. If you know nothing of satyagraha, watch the film.



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