Ground Rules

Here is the basic layout of this blog:

Interfaith discussions of issues of:
- Compassion
- Ethical Responsibility
- Mental Tranquility
- Generosity
- Discernment

This blog is not about:
- Atman vs Anatman
- Science vs Religion
- Attempting to rate or place a religion on some scale

When referring to spiritual leaders, enlightened gurus, god-sent beings, and awakened humans, the most common mass reference will be used... ex. Buddha Shakyamuni, Lord Krishna, H.H. The Dalai Lama....

No particular figurehead will be refered with a title such as, "The One True God" or "One True Teacher." This sort of title does not foster open discussion among religions. The historical Jesus will be refered to as Jesus Christ, providing both name and bestowed title, but no other titles will be used. Other titles contradict other faiths and are better suited for groups of only that belief.

This is a blog about awareness and intellect, not tradition and rhetoric. Theories or ideas should be backed by example or qoute, and not by some traditional belief backed by little more than cycles of sun and earth.

Comments should be written with thoughfulness of all parties involved. Discussion and debate is hoped for, arguement based in anger and spiteful comments or accusations of eternal damnation are not.

Just as the petals of the flower turn to the sun and open to receive the light, may we all gain from this Interfaith dialog.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Sundar said...

beautiful intent..all the very best..


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